Day 3: A Visit to the Peace Diamond Village

Today we visited the village of Koyardu, which is home to the miners who found the 709-karat Peace Diamond in 2017.

We have a special connection to Koyardu, AKA the “Peace Diamond Village,” because the Rapaport Group marketed and auctioned the Peace Diamond free of charge. Proceeds were used to develop education, health and welfare infrastructure in this severely impoverished village, where most residents live on less than $2/day.

No wonder our the Rapaport Trade Mission got a festive welcome, with the whole town coming out to greet us, led by dancers and stilt walkers.

We then got a grand tour of the local school and hospital. These institutions may appear basic but in fact they have been hugely upgraded thanks to the proceeds from the Peace Diamond.

The day closed with a Town Hall meeting with local residents, to discuss the impact of the Peace Diamond and the future of the village.

Now we’re ready for Day 4….

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