Day 2: Sierra Leone Trade Mission

Day 2 was a very big day, with an early start and 5+ hours of travel, much of it on dirt roads.

Our delegation visited the diamond mine outside Koidu, where we met with diggers.

At night we hosted a leadership dinner, bringing together our delegates and local leaders from the Kono district.

Martin Rapaport and son, Ezi Rapaport, talk with local District Council Chair, Mam Augustin Sheku

The dinner was addressed by Pastor Emmanuel Momoh, an artisanal diamond miner who found the 709-carat “Peace Diamond” in 2017. His decision to sell it through official channels and invest the proceeds into local infrastructure made international headlines.

At the request of the Sierra Leone government, the Rapaport Group marketed and auctioned the diamond in New York on Dec 4, 2017 free of charge. It was bought by the House of Graf for over $6.5 million.

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