Rapaport Fair Trade supports socially responsible jewelry consumers and members of the diamond and jewelry trade. Our goal is toprovide ethical resources to consumers and jewelry suppliers, as well as information to social activists, students, and anyone interested in ethical luxury.

Rapaport is an international group of companies that support the creation of ethical, transparent, competitive and efficient markets. While we do not trade diamonds for our own account, we transact large quantities of diamonds for our clients, all of whom are vetted to ensure compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act and OFAC regulations. Additional information about the Rapaport Group is available at http://www.diamonds.net/About/.

In 2000 Martin Rapaport traveled to Sierra Leone at the request of the U.S. State Department. While in Sierra Leone Martin visited the amputee camps.  What he saw and experienced there shocked him and lead him to write the article “Guilt Trip,” which was read into the Congressional Record by Tony Hall upon introduction of the “Clean Diamond Act” in May 2000. Since 2000 Martin Rapaport has promoted the concept of fair trade diamonds and ethical diamond gem and jewelry.

Martin Rapaport meets with diggers in Sierra Leone


rOUGH justice 

By Martin Rapaport

One of the most important and challenging aspects of the diamond industry is how we deal with ethical issues. The secret of the diamond lies in its value as a symbol, not its physical utility. If you were to get a pair of sneakers made with child labor, you could still play a pretty good game of basketball with them — they have complete functional utility. 


synthetic diamond scam

By Martin Rapaport

Some people think that synthetic diamonds are an important new addition to the jewelry trade. They believe that Millennial consumers will be attracted to more ethical diamonds created with advanced technology. Many dealers and retailers are embracing synthetics in a desperate attempt to maintain profit margins and survive in a difficult economic environment.



By Martin Rapaport

leagues’ review:

I don’t know how to tell this story. There
are no words to describe what I have seen in Sierra Leone. My mind tells me to block out the really bad stuff, to deny the impossible reality. But the images of the amputee camp haunt me and the voices of the victims cry out. ‘Tell them what has happened to us,’ say the survivors. 

Martin Rapaport talks about Blood Diamonds

In this powerful talk, Martin Rapaport, one of the leading business players in the global diamond industry advocates fair trade jewelry and an ethical diamond industry. Rapaport led the establishment of the Kimberley Process -- an international agreement controlling the flow of rough diamonds.



"Let us remember there is a reason that God scattered diamonds among the poorest people in the world and made the richest people desire them. The diamond trade must fairly transfer wealth and economic opportunity to the artisanal sector."