RAPAPORT and the Sierra Leone Government
Introduce the Peace Diamond


This 709 carat diamond, discovered by diamond diggers in the village of Koryardu, is the 3rd largest diamond ever found in Sierra Leone and 14th largest worldwide. The Peace Diamond is special because it is a development diamond. Over 50% of its sales value will directly benefit the community where the diamond was discovered and the people of Sierra Leone.

I thank the local chief and his people for not smuggling the diamond out of the country, and the owners should get what is due to them and it should also benefit the country as a whole. The Government remains committed to ensuring a transparent and competitive auction process that will ensure fair market value for Sierra Leone’s diamonds. We call on the worldwide diamond industry to bid generously for the Peace Diamond as it will bring vital infrastructure and benefit to thousands of Sierra Leone’s artisanal diggers.”
— President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma
The Peace Diamond will greatly improve the lives of our people as it will bring clean water, electricity, schools, medical facilities, bridges and roads to our villages and the Kono District. This diamond represents our hope for a better future as the resources of Sierra Leone fund growth, development and jobs.”
— The Owner of the Diamond, Pastor Emmanuel Momoh, artisanal digger

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